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November 13, 2008 by The Watcher
As an old timer i must admit to never playing any of the HoMM range, however i have liked what i have seen on the web and i am looking to purchase one of the games to try for myself.

To that end i am asking the members of these forums which version i should purchase? Is number one still far better than five? I need your advise as i have no idea myself.


Many thanks.


The Watcher

January 31, 2008 by The Watcher
Is there any plans on bringing out a TA version for MyColors? I see from the post that Brad made that there is to be one for Sins and i wondered if you guys are going to be making one for TA please. Got to have something else i can spend my money on now havent i
Right now there is not a suite that i would go so far as to buy but i would buy one done for TA.